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    Identifying your Unique Selling Proposition
    Leverage your uniqueness to win business easier

Unique means incomparable ... in the eyes of your customers.
It's like competing with an unfair advantage

Unique Selling Proposition Identification

We're the best native plant nursery in Australia.  How do we communicate that effectively to our customers ...


Defining Your USP

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is as the name describes, a succinct statement of your business's offering to customers which is unique only to your business.

It's particularly valuable when your uniqueness aligns well with the desires of many customers.  You attract more business than competitors with weaker or non-existent USPs.

Unique businesses find it easier to command a premium for their goods. 

Take Apple for example their perceived uniqueness has rocketed them into the one of the world's most valuable companies in only a few years.  But are their computer components actually that much better than their competitors?

Reinforcing your USP through your sales & marketing helps identify you much clearer in your customer's eyes and creates an air-gap from your competitors. 

Knowledgi offer a short consultancy to help you define or refine your own USP.


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How this service helps you

Your Unique Sales Proposition (USP) is as the name describes, a statement of your business's offering to customers which is unique only to your business. 

A USP helps in four main areas, it

  1. Succinctly explains to prospects the key advantages you offer,
  2. Differentiates your business from others clearly
  3. Helps you target your ideal customer
  4. Helps you focus your time and money investments for results

Many branding based businesses go on to incorporate their USP into their slogans to reinforce their uniqueness.

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