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Knowledgi supplies targetted business technology on a monthly rental arrangement.  We remove the technicalities and high upfront capital costs so you can quickly and easily tap into great business tools. Effortlessly.



Need some help figuring out how to grow your business in the digital age or tap into digital tools that help your customers?  Knowledgi supplies part-time advisory services on a retainer basis to grow your business continuously.



Need some finance to expand? Want to partner with Debt or Equity investors? We help you create a solid strategy and offer, create your materials and find financiers for your business.


Sales & Marketing

Need some help with sales? Need a new sales strategy or digital marketing strategy? Maybe you need new industries to target or different psychographics. Knowledig helps you target and reach the right people.


Joint Ventures

Think there's an opening for some digital disruption in your industry? Got an idea for a global business expansion but not sure how to gain the needed resources? Partnering with Knowledgi might be the solution.

A smarter way to grow your business.

Leverage technology, experience, networks and knowledge. Without the confusion.

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Service Overview

  • Rented Websites

    You rent many business resources like equipment, vehicles and office premises. Why build a website when you can now rent one?  Less hassle and easier on the cash flow.
  • Mentoring

    Mentoring sees us sharing our global experience, knowledge, networks & wisdom to help you grow your own entrepreneurial success.
  • Financing

    Need capital for expansion or scaling? Want a government grant? Is it time for angel investors for your startup? We help you strategise, prepare and conduct efficient financing rounds.
  • Joint Ventures

    Joining forces with innovators allows us to bring our global tech, sales & marketing skills to great innovations, at either pre or post commercial stages.

  • More About Knowledgi

    knowledgi innovation logoKnowledgi helps you commercialise, adapt & grow your business for today's hyper connected markets.  Our Directors combine the business expertise of Chartered Accountants, 30 years experience in the tech industry, and over 100 countries.

  • Contacts

    Tel: +61 490 193 431