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The world is moving online 24x7.  Its moving fast. 
Is your business keeping up?  Is it time to rent a website?

Rent a Website

You rent business assets like premises & vehicles.  Why build a business website when you can now rent a website without the hassle...


Simple.  Straight-Forward.  Practical.

Unless you're in the website creation business it's likely your business growth hinges on you investing your time and money into some activity other than website building. 

So why would you restrict your growth by investing major efforts and/or money into building or maintaining something as complex and ever-changing as a website?  You don't build your own cars do you?

Knowledgi now offers you the opportunity to have an effective business website faster, easier & cheaper. 
Simply paying a monthly rental fee like you would many other business inputs.

A business website after all is not just a pretty site (pun intended).  It's a business tool.  It's there to do a particular job.  And a good one will:

  1. Expose your products & services to lots of prospective customers economically
  2. Effectively communicate with your customers without you being present
  3. Be easy to buy from

Knowledgi has designed a 'rent a website' service that delivers an important business tool to you at a lower investment level. Plus we've made it as simple as practical. 

We Handle the Technical

We handle the technical matters like:

  1. Designing the site
  2. Structuring the business flow
  3. Building the pages
  4. Hosting the site
  5. Debugging and Maintaining the site
  6. Updating code
  7. Updating text
  8. Improving your SEO
  9. Dealing with technical people

Full Blown, Ad-Free

Yes, this is a full blown rented website that we build with html editing software.


  • We don't insert ads to subsidise the price
  • We don't nobble the bandwidth or choose artificially low site sizes
  • We host it on a new domain name, not a sub-site.

Yes, there are some restrictions (see Specs tab) but we have to for the price.  But then we can charge more for larger or more complex sites.


Designed for SMEs

For us its all about growing business. Its all about bringing the power of 21st century internet to SMEs. To allow you to compete with larger businesses.

  • You match revenues & outgoings better
  • You avoid contracting or hiring expensive hourly-rate developers
  • Designed to attract business not just be a pretty brochure

Easy to Cancel

One email and we instantly cancel your subscription.  Easy.

Consider 3 Different Opportunities from a Knowledgi Rented Website ...

  1. Upgrade Your Professional image easily & cheaply
  2. Introduce online sales capability faster & cheaper than retro-fitting your old website
  3. Establish a micro-site to test-market a new product or campaign

Easier Than Building Your Own

  • Knowledgi handles the complex technical matters and people
  • You avoid the learning curve of skilling yourself in new technologies

Maximises Your Own Time

  • Allows you to invest your own time where it makes the most profit.
  • Allows you to avoid dealing with multiple technical suppliers & components including domain names, hosting, templates, code widgets, bandwidth, cloud storage, developers, infrastructure managers etc.

Cash Flow Friendly

When you rent a website:

  • You pay a regular rental fee not big consulting fees.
  • You match revenues & outgoings better
  • You avoid contracting or hiring expensive hourly-rate developers

Easy to Cancel

One email and we instantly cancel your subscription.

See some current clients with rented websites as examples

Ocean Forest Farm

Replacement Corporate Site. 
Existing logo used with minor modifications.

Linda McCall Coaching

Personal services website for non-technical business coach

The Canine Classroom

Major dog training business website drawing 1,000 visitors per week.


See More Rented Websites


Specifications that apply to this service

Website Technology Supported

JavaScript compatible HTML sites only

Knowledgi creates HTML based rented websites only. 


Most sites use JavaScript coding language for client-side processing.  Either PHP or ASP are used for server-side processing.


Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress and other CMS based sites are not supported.


Hosting Included

This service is designed to be as easy, and fast, as possible for you to implement so we include the following services:

  1. Domain Name(s)
  2. Site & Email Hosting
  3. Developer software used

Most sites are hosted in North America at the present.

On-Page SEO Included

A selection of fundamental SEO work is included in the rented websites including:

  1. W3C validation
  2. Page Structuring
  3. Keyword density optimisation
  4. Search Engine listings
  5. Directory listings

SEO work is now a highly specialised field, particularly with Google and an Advanced SEO service is proposed to be offered as an additional service by Knowledgi in the near future.

E-Commerce Supported

We support online ordering which

  • Deliver orders via email, and
  • Payments via PayPal (including Visa & MasterCard acceptance) directly into your account

Email Routing

Each site has its own email addresses where messages are sent from customers. We route those emails to your existing email addresses and show you how to receive them into these mail clients:

  • Gmail account
  • Microsoft Outlook account, or
  • iPhone & iPad mail app

Format & Upload Blog Articles

While the writing of any blog articles is something you may wish to undertake we will

  1. Format them into blog pages for the website
  2. Upload them & integrate them into the site

Up to 10 blog articles per month are included.

Logos & Corporate Colours

The best sites have a logo colour & typeface aligned with the style of the text and layouts of the whole site.  Some form of business logo is a normal inclusion in a modern website and virtually all our sites have them. 


If appropriate we align your existing colour schemes and fonts into the new sites and in some instances utilising your corporate logo may also be possible.  We have found though that many corporate logos really need upgrading for a 21st century online-dominated world.  Whilst Knowledgi doesn't perform this logo upgrade service we can incorporate any upgraded and suitable logo you get elsewhere into the site. 


No Server Access

You won't have access to our Servers and in most circumstances we won't need access to your own Servers or computer technology.  Any site improvements you suggest are performed by our team.

Restrictions & Options

  • 25 pages max. 
  • 10 GB of data
  • XX GB of monthly data usage (when your customers use your website)

Get a quote for a larger site.

On Cancelling

When you cancel your subscription (or stop automatically paying) your service finishes and our obligations to each other cease.  This means:

  1. Your PayPal auto-billing gets cancelled
  2. Emails stop being delivered to you from the site
  3. Orders & Payments stop being delivered to you from the site
  4. Newsletter subscriptions stop being delivered to you from the site
  5. You stop being able to access sub-systems like statistics & SEO information
  6. You remain on the Knowledgi newsletter list unless you also unsubscribe
  7. We archive any of your login details & passwords we may have for 2 weeks (just in case of  hiccup or mistake) then delete them altogether
  8. We cancel links to your site and stop using any of your corporate logos & registered business names unless you give us permission to continue to include them in our marketing
  9. You get to remove any mail setups on your own computers and devices
  10. You get to remove any links to the site you've installed in your other sites


** NB: Details correct at time of updating but may have since changed.

What Happens Next

Great. You've got a new website. So what happens next?

Well its a bit like collecting your new leased car. You still need to drive it, wash it, and put oil and fuel in it. All depending on how far you want to drive. The leasing company may or may not take care of the regular services but they generally don't cover your usage costs.

This is similar to our rented websites. In a websites world these ongoing usage things are things like:

  • Listing yourself on lots of directories
  • Linking your social media pages to your websites (eg Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Pinterest etc.
  • Commenting on blog sites that offer 'backlinks'
  • Updating the site. (You'll probably do this if you have a WordPress site but get us to do it if you've got a HTML site)



** NB: Details correct at time of updating but may have since changed.

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