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Develop commercial advantages with the help of a Mentor

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Not sure how to grow your business in the digital age?

Want to tap into our years of global business and technology experience.

Perhaps sitting down with a business mentor is the way to go.

Knowledgi's Mentor service is designed to have a mentor on tap.  Mentors who you can talk things through before launching into some new digital technology.  A way to extend your key business team without the cost of putting a new person on the payroll immediately.

Talk to us today about creating your own effective digital strategy.

What do you gain?

This service delivers strategic knowledge to you providing a foundation for:

  1. Improved business decision making,
  2. Increased profitability and
  3. A guide to where to place your focus & effort 

It articulates the big matters.  The ones most likely to influence and improve your chances of financial and strategic success.

How would we know? 

  1. Well, for one, we are Chartered Accountants.  Amongst the highest qualified business advisers around.
  2. Secondly, each of our Principals have over 25 years IT experience including employment with people like Microsoft and Apple..
  3. Thirdly, we're experienced in delivering positive benefits in some of the largest IT projects and initiatives in Australia's history.  Individual projects costing in excess of $50m.

The knowledge of what actual factors are truly critical to your business, and how digital technologies can help is not understood well by all business advisers.

Having the right people on your team can give you the edge.

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This is a personalised business service provided largely through interactive communication between the Knowledgi and Client teams.

Strategies, road maps, plans, technologies and other materials contain highly confidential client information and are not shared between clients.

  1. Includes up to 4 hours engagement time per month
  2. Your Mentor is fully equipped with their own digital equipment and tools
  3. Service includes the supply of various technologies
  4. Discussions can be conducted face to face in the Sunshine Coast and Canberra regions of Australia or via internet telephony anywhere else.
  5. Interstate & International travel possible at an extra fee

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    knowledgi innovation logoKnowledgi helps you commercialise, adapt & grow your business for today's hyper connected markets.  Our Directors combine the business expertise of Chartered Accountants, 30 years experience in the tech industry, and over 100 countries.

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