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Knowing where your business is going & how to get there is half the challenge.  Knowledgi helps you map a practical digital business route.

Joint Ventures

If digitising our business saw it grow then why not expand this to my WHOLE industry, in tandem with talented professionals

  • Rented Websites

    You rent many business resources like equipment, vehicles and office premises. Why build a website when you can now rent one?  Less hassle and easier on the cash flow.
  • Virtual Chief Digital Officer

    How do you take advantage of modern digital technologies? How do you keep one step ahead of your competition? What opportunities exist to modernise your business profitably?
  • Business Model Check

    How robust is your business model?  Are you generating enough profit to expand?  What will the business look like in 5 years?   Are you working without light at the end of the tunnel?
  • Practical Keywords

    Natural online search is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies around. Focusing your strategy around the right keywords is the foundation for effective campaigns.
  • Capture Sales Leads

    Your business needs an adequate supply of customers.  Isn't it time you started monitoring your sales funnel?  Ensuring each sales lead is followed up quickly and efficiently.
  • Unique Selling Proposition

    Leveraging your uniqueness makes winning business much easier, and often at a premium.  The key is to identify a succinct Unique Selling Proposition that customers desire.


    Joining forces with a flight school showed us that pilot training was ripe for digitising. Hundreds of flying schools today can now publicise their availability & take online bookings.


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    knowledgi innovation logoKnowledgi helps you commercialise, adapt & grow your business for today's hyper connected markets.  Our Directors combine the business expertise of Chartered Accountants, 30 years experience in the tech industry, and over 100 countries.

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