Contracting/Freelancing Opportunities with Knowledgi

Current Opportunities

  1. HTML Web Developer (on-going work)
  2. SEO Specialist (on-going work)
  3. Microsoft Web Matrix / Razor Developer (on-going work)


Jobs at Knowledgi

Knowledgi is expanding and we've got a range of exciting jobs for IT specialists. HTML5 developers, SEO specialists and Microsoft Webmatrix C# developers are wanted right now.

If you've got the right skills and want some additional contracting work then read on...


Knowledgi is a start-up business that assists largely Australian SME's grow their business through the use of contemporary IT-based solutions.  Our Directors however have been in this industry for over 20 years each.

Knowledgi's focus is on helping clients grow their business through the servicing of todays digital customers without the overhead, cash flow requirements or technical complexity of managing IT projects themselves.  Typically this includes:

  • small website development or re-development
  • SEO improvements
  • e-commerce, and
  • social media campaigns

Our services are largely provided as ongoing monthly service arrangements rather than one-off projects or campaigns. This usually means Knowledgi funds the development of new websites and recoups the cost from the client over future months in rental fees.  Our own growth has meant there are now Contactor or Freelancer opportunities to work with our team.

Sample Websites built by Knowledgi




As a Knowledgi contractor it is expected that you will:

  • Supply your own technology tools including PCs and most software
  • Have access to adequate premises and internet connections
  • Be reasonably confident in understanding and communicating in business English
  • Deliver what you promise on time, and in quality.
  • Accept payment via PayPal or other suitable online banking solution
  • Liaise only with our team, largely via the internet,
    • (We undertake all client communications)
  • Understand that no employment is being inferred or provided.



If you are interested in supplying Knowledgi with services please submit a proposal, including:

  1. Overviews of your relevant skills or proposed services
  2. Overview of your achievements in these fields to date
  3. Examples of previous work
  4. Rates you propose to charge (AUD, EUR or USD preferred)
  5. Quantity of hours available each week and days of work
  6. Overview  of how you propose to liaise with us, undertake the work and ensure quality control

Please submit proposals to:
Mark Phillips
Director, Knowledgi Pty Limited


Opportunity 1: HTML Web Developer (part-time, on-going)

We are looking for a developer who can:

  1. Create a working mobile-ready, SME website, by
    • modifying a purchased HTML Website template in line with the Site Designer's goals (another member of the Knowledgi team who works with the client)
    • integrating new widgets into the site design (e.g. skills bars, pop-out boxes, twitter feeds, like and share buttons etc.)
  2. Then, maintain that website by:
    • adding new pages as required each month
    • modifying elements on selected pages (e.g. change a picture, update a slider, implement a JavaScript skill bar etc.)
    • debugging problems with code (e.g. image alignment, text scrolling align, element width adjusting)

Our typical new websites take around 5-30 hours to create, and 1-5 hours per month to maintain.  Sites typically range from 1-3 page microsites to 30 page SME sites. Graphics creation or creative writing is not required (but would be an advantage).  Other members of the Knowledgi team are responsible for exact wording, images, icons etc. but will rely on you to place them in the right locations. The work is largely project based and dependent upon demand. Some weeks will be busy and others not.  We expect the ideal person will still be working with us in 12 months time.

Skills & Technologies (required)

You will need to be skilled in at least the following technologies:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Responsive CSS
  • Parallax CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Photography sourcing, cropping, resizing. (e.g. Photoshop)
  • Secure code techniques including SSL websites
  • Mobile friendly HTML

Skills & Technologies (highly desired)

  • ASP. Net
  • Google Maps, PayPal button, Blogging software and E-Commerce software integration
  • Working with templates and template-driven websites (e.g. Microsoft Expression DWT, Visual Studio Master Pages etc.)
  • Mobile capable websites including resizing, swiping, logos etc.
  • Facebook page creation & integration of Facebook and website

Skills & Technologies (optional)

  • Integrating CSS templates into Wordpress sites
  • Integrating CSS templates into Joomla sites
  • MMS SQL and MySQL database integration


Opportunity 2: SEO Specialist (part-time, on-going)

We are looking for an SEO Specialist who can work with both the technology and strategy team members to improve the natural Search Engine rankings of our sites.  This role is a combination of On-Page light-weight HTML and creative writing.  A new service range we will be offering soon will also include Off-page SEO activities.

We're looking for someone that can drive great strategy as well as great implementation.

Skills & Technologies (required)

  • W3C validation
  • keyword identification
  • effective meta tag creation
  • keyword density
  • header syntax and structure
  • directory submission
  • Google analytics, webmaster, adwords etc.
  • solid understanding of panda, penguin, hummingbird and other google changes

Skills & Technologies (highly desired)

  • Back-linking opportunity identification
  • blog submissions
  • Traffic Travis tools
  • swissmademarketing apps
  • mailchimp (or other email marketing apps)
  • supervision of external creative writers
  • software tools guidance
  • harnessing social media

Skills & Technologies (optional)

  • creative writing
  • contemporary SEO strategies
  • effective search engine marketing



Opportunity 3: Razor (Web Matrix) Developer (part-time, occasional)

As part of our joint venture activities we currently have several database drive websites of which we expect to standarise on Microsoft SQL hosted on Windows Azure cloud-based hosting.  We're looking for someone that can initially maintain the sites and implement changes as needed.  We expect substantial growth in this area so are lookign for someone who can grow with us.

Skills & Technologies (required)

  • Microsoft web matrix
  • razor IDE
  • JavaScript
  • bing maps integration
  • ms SQL integration and optimisation
  • site hardening techniques including avoidance of SQL injection attacks

Skills & Technologies (highly desired)

  • microsoft azure strategies
  • database design

Skills & Technologies (optional)

  • Visual studio



  • More About Knowledgi

    knowledgi innovation logoKnowledgi helps you commercialise, adapt & grow your business for today's hyper connected markets.  Our Directors combine the business expertise of Chartered Accountants, 30 years experience in the tech industry, and over 100 countries.

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