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    How profitable is your business engine?
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Getting the Business Model right can turn a good service
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Business Model Reality Check

Under our current model what will it take to
double the value of my business  ...


Insights into Profitable Business Growth

Not sure where your business is at, or where its going?

Ever wondered what it will look like, or be potentially worth, in 3-5 years time with the current growth rate?

Do you know what compound growth rate is required to reach your goal?  And what might the business realistically likely look like at that time.

These questions and more are the focus of the Business Model Reality Check as we interrogate and decipher the financial secrets of your current business model and extrapolate it for growth.  Delivering key ratios and critical performance indicators to help create your roadmap.

The  Business Model Reality Check provides insights to help guide your business growth and where to invest your time and effort in the medium term.

You'll receive a short but strategic report highlighting the really critical business matters driving your financial health.  Use this new reality to guide your focus, explore new business models, products and seek innovation to open up your opportunities.



What do you gain from this check-up?

This review delivers strategic knowledge to you providing a foundation for:

  1. Improved business decision making,
  2. Increased profitability and
  3. A guide to where to place your focus & effort 

It articulates the big matters.  The ones most likely to influence and improve your chances of financial success.

The knowledge of which actual factors are truly critical to your business, and what the key ratio numbers are will soon influence more and more decisions everyday.  You're judgment and focus improves now knowing what business activities and opportunities are most aligned with profitable growth and reaching your medium term goals.

You begin to work smarter not harder leaving your competitors to waste their time and money chasing unprofitable business 'opportunities' .

Each review is likely to touch on some or all of the following:

  • Business Models
  • Profit Engines
  • Exit Planning
  • Growth Plans
  • KPIs
  • Time Investment Plans
  • Potential Selling Prices

No Sample

This is a written report created specifically for each client containing confidential information.

  1. This report is custom made and delivered in electronic format.
  2. Graphs and projections feature heavily with major emphasis on critical ratios, targets and percentages.
  3. You'll need provide us with :
    • business profit & loss statements for most recent 3 years (as detailed as possible)
    • any monthly or quarterly management profitability reports you use
    • any internal financial papers analysing or modelling your various products & services
    • around 2-4 hours meeting time to conduct discussions with our lead consultant
  4. Meetings can be conducted face to face in the Sunshine Coast and Canberra regions of Australia or via internet telephony anywhere else.

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