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Innovation Driven Business Growth

Knowledgi assists business flourish through the power of innovation & technology.  We combine our years of strategic business advisory experience with the power of modern technology applied to a business context.  We foster superior business profitability & growth in clients by invigorating their product line-up whilst enabling outstanding delivery with technology.



Do something innovative and drive your business profitability up.

Stay the same .. & play the margin game

Why Us?

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    Modern Technology for Rent
    Why pay big bills up front for new technology when you can rent it?  Mobile & Cloud-based systems have started an amazingly flexible era for business.  Its great for cash-flow and its easy to cancel.
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    Installed & Ready-For-Business
    In business it's not just about the technology.  It's about leveraging the technology for profit.  Yet benefits only begin when systems go live. That's why we deliver ready-for-business.
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    Practical & Contemporary
    Its simply amazing what great business technology is available these days.  We're into leveraging that for your business benefit.  We choose & package superior business technology that is simply smarter & more practical than 20th century methods.
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    No Techos, No Servers
    Dealing with computer technicians can confusing & time consuming.  But with Knowledgi we handle the technical details.  Our cloud-based solutions avoid the need for expensive in-house servers & support.
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    Low Cost, High Benefit
    The 'app era' has brought amazing technology for lower cost.  Of course the old world expensive systems & consultants are still out there.  Which would you prefer?
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    Superior App Selection
    With over 600,000 apps currently in various App Stores around the world you can waste a lot of time & money trialing technology today.  Or you can leverage our experience & focus.

Our Principals

Mark Phillips

Mark is a resourceful entrepreneur with a can-do attitude. He is passionate about growing business and profitability through innovation, strategy & service. As Chief Profit Architect he is constantly investigating new ways to help clients expand, innovate and improve profitability. As an entrepreneur he has created innovative & exciting projects around the world.


Qualified as a Chartered Accountant with a knack for technology Mark leveraged his formal education into becoming an award-winning entrepreneur, sales professional & consultant with organisations including:

Ian Longley

Ian Longley

Before co-founding Knowledgi Ian spent 20 years in his own business advising national and international organisations on the best financial & CRM systems to install.  Passionate about aligning great technology with superior business strategies Ian is an expert in iPad business apps.


A Chartered Accountant and Business Technology Advisor for over 20 years Ian first got involved in investigating and consulting on business technology in the 1980s with organisations including:

Recent Clients

  • The Canine Classroom

    New website, online marketing, SEO, microsites, infrastructure optimisation and social media strategies for a professional dog training company.

  • GoFly Aviation

    Road Map, Profit Models, SEO, New Website, Social Media campaigns and eCommerce. Now Australia's fastest growing Flying School.

  • I Learn To Fly

    Joint Venture to offer online bookings facilities to hundreds of Australian flying schools. Complex database driven ASP.net site with e-commerce.

  • Healthy Equilibrium

    Startup Commercialisation, Website, Marketing, Online Bookings and SEO. Now resident at Australia's famous Eumundi Markets.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back is a entrenched part of the Knowledgi value system.  With our pro-entrepreneurial and pro-innovation focus we supports organisations alleviating poverty and encouraging economic self-sufficiency throughout the world.  Our business contributes assistance to the B'ginnings Innovation Centres and others in their efforts to develop indigenous entrepreneurs in developing regions of the world.  Our CSR Values include:

  • —      Anti-Poverty
  • —      Self Improvement
  • —      Indigenous Respect
  • —      Supporting Innovation
  • —      Developing Entrepreneurs
  • —      Secularity & Apolitical
Progress is Infectious

Anton Rupert
African Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

  • More About Knowledgi

    knowledgi innovation logoKnowledgi helps you commercialise, adapt & grow your business for today's hyper connected markets.  Our Directors combine the business expertise of Chartered Accountants, 30 years experience in the tech industry, and over 100 countries.

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