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Strike while they're hot!
Responding quickly to sales leads is smart business.

Instant Sales Updates

A quick & easy system that captures all sales leads, instantly sharing them with your team...wherever they are.

It's a simple idea...

The opportunity of having all your sales leads pushed directly to your sales team's smartphones as soon as they arrive means your business can respond faster, and close sales faster.  With everything centralised in one place you'll spend more time with customers, and less on admin.

Instant Sales Leads is an internet-based business system.  It combines cloud-based software with an iPhone app to centralise & simplify both the capture of your sales opportunities, and the management of your sales pipeline.

Stage 1: Capture Leads from Website, Facebook & Mobile devices

Prospective customers today demand to deal with your business in multiple ways, as well as 24x7.  Our Instant Sales Lead system grabs prospective sales opportunities from your:

  1. Website
  2. Corporate Facebook page
  3. Front office & telephone-based team, as well as your
  4. Outbound sales team

Then stores them in a central cloud-based repository before sharing them with your team.


Stage 2: Sync Instantly with Smartphones

Wherever it was captured the Instant Sales Lead system sends a 'new lead email' to the sales person and pushes the lead out to their smartphone and mobile device app.  From the mobile device each team member can:

  1. See all their deals
  2. Determine what stage of the sales cycle each deal is in
  3. See contact details of each prospect


Stage 3: Update Opportunities

Add information (e.g. Expected Sales Value, Source of Lead, Notes etc.) to each deal as you gain new insight into the opportunity.  As the sale progresses updating the deal status is as simple as moving a deal-status slider on the smartphone app.  Your sales funnel report is automatically updated.

Stage 4: Review Sales Funnel

A summary of your Sales Funnel is automatically maintained for all leads and updates you make to each deal.  Updates are automatically synchronised back into the cloud updating the overall business Sales Funnel from each user.  Updates directly into the web application are also possible by the sales manager.



Knowledgi supplies, configures and installs the Instant Sales Leads system ready to use.

You Get

  1. Monthly subscription to Future Simple's base application
  2. Up to 5 licenses of the Base app for your iPhone or iPads
  3. Setup of the System
  4. Contact Form created and embedded into your website
  5. Testing of the System
  6. Demonstration and Overview of how to use your new system


$149 per month (incl. GST in Australia).

How this service helps you

Speed & Simplicity is the name of the game.

Respond Fast to Sales Leads

There's nothing like responding to a sales lead while its still hot in the customer's mind.  Customers love it. Management love it.  And your business will love it.  Its just smart, allowing you to get more business done with the same resources.  How much extra business could this generate for you ...

Everyone Automatically Updated

Delays in updating the team and passing on new information are now a thing of the past.  A few quick taps on the phone before your sales person leaves the client site and the rest of your team automatically have the latest news.

Minimise Admin Time

Maximise selling time.


With less time needed to operate the system, search for critical data or update corporate reports your team can maximise their time dealing with customers.  With the simplicity of the system your team becomes more self-sufficient requiring less admin support and cost.

Accessible 24x7 Wherever

With the system accessible from both computers and mobile devices you can have access to critical sales information wherever and whenever you have network access. 

1 System, Many Touch Points

Simplifying down to one system makes life so much easier. Now you can have the same system in all your major prospecting areas, all feeding the same storage area.

Website Lead Capture Form


Facebook Lead Capture Form


Specifications that apply to this service

The Base System

Knowledgi has chosen Base from FutureSimple as its underlying technology for capturing sales leads. The system is a cloud based business application with 3 components:

  1. A cloud-based business application accessed through a browser
  2. An app that runs certain function on your phone or tablet, and
  3. A Contact Form that can be embedded into your website

Various information supplied to the business application is stored in the cloud and then synchronised with mobile devices.  Users can update the information about the lead or prospect from their mobile app or from a browser on their computer.

Capturing Information from Prospects

Capturing data about your sales leads is performed in 2 stages:

  1. Basic Contact Information is captured first, then
  2. Deal Information is added by your sales team

Basic Contact Information is captured in either of 2 ways:

  1. Prospect self-completes a specific Contact Form on your website or Facebook page, or
  2. Your team member completes the Contact Information via a browser or the Base mobile app.

The specific Contact Form is installed onto 1 or more pages on your website referencing a JavaScript link.  Information captured directly from clients is sent to a cloud based storage area maintained by Base triggering off an email to your designated team member alerting them to a new lead.  The client contact data is then replicated into the Base mobile app on your devices connected to your Base account.

Website Technology

JavaScript compatible HTML sites only

To allow prospects to fill out a form that goes directly into the Base application your website will need to have a specific customised Contact Form inserted into 1 or more pages.


This Contact Form is actually kept on the Base website but a copy is embedded into your website via a JavaScript link into your HTML code.  Your website therefore needs to be free of any restrictions to JavaScript being run by client machines.  Don't worry, almost all sites are free of restrictions and most users allow JavaScript to run in their browsers.


Knowledgi will insert this form into HTML based websites only.  Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress and other CMS based sites are not supported at this stage.

Contact Form Information & Formatting

The Base system records the following information:

  1. Full Name
  2. Company Name
  3. Phone Number
  4. Mobile Number
  5. Email Address

No modifications to the formatting of the Contact Form is possible.  The Sample tab alongside demonstrates a typical form.

Mobile Device App & User Licenses

The Base App is available on the following platforms although Knowledgi currently only supports iOS devices.

  1. iPad & iPhone
  2. Android Phone & Tablet
  3. Windows Phone

Mobile devices will require internet access for data synchronisation.  Synchronisation is performed on iPhones when the base app is launched.  The Base iOS app is currently free and Knowledgi will install and configure up to 5 users.


This package includes unlimited free Base User accounts and up to 2 Super User licenses once the deal limit is reached.  Upgrades to additional Super, Mega & Enterprise Users are available for additional charge.


** NB: Knowledgi currently only supports iOS devices. Support for other devices should be sought directly from the Developer


Synchronising Contact Information with Other Systems

Contact data can be optionally synchronised with other CRM systems including:

  1. Harvest
  2. Google Contacts
  3. MailChimp
  4. Xero accounting
Contact Importing

Existing Contact Data can be imported from the following sources:

  1. CSV, VCF & Excel
  2. Google Doc & LinkedIn
  3. iCloud, Address Book (Mac), Outlook 2010 & Google Contacts
  4. ACT! 2000, Sugar CRM, Harvest and other CRMs.  (Full list here)
Data Exporting (Optional)

All Lead data can be exported via email in CSV format.  Exported files include:

  1. Contacts
  2. Deals
  3. Notes
  4. Tasks
Available Globally in English

** NB: Details correct at time of updating but may have changed since. For an up-to -the-minute list of specifications please visit Base


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